Boolean Knife is a post-modern rock group led by veteran Chicago songwriter William Steffey, who after twelve well-received solo albums decided to form the trio. Rounding out the line-up is Michael Koelling (from Pink Monkey) on bass, and well-seasoned drummer Jeff Kropp behind the kit.

The band, who has been compared to acts as diverse as Pavement and Steely Dan, serves up well-crafted tunes with big guitars and creative electronics. Kenosha News says the band’s EP, “Astrid and The Killer Penguin,” has a “musical depth that surprises the ear and leaves you wanting more.” says their music is “intelligent guitar-rock with good melodies and enough little quirks to set it apart from a zillion other indie bands”.

Boolean Knife has received airplay and reviews at CHIRP, 103.9 The Fox, Fearless, UIC Radio, AXS, and Revolution 360.


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